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Youth Ministry – Sr. High and Jr. High


Bo Machayo leads CORE, our high school ministry; and

Sara Johnson leads our junior high ministry.  

Vision and Mission

  • We are a youth ministry that purposely sets youth on a course to collide with their creator, the LIVING GOD.
  • It is our desire that this generation would awaken from the cultural deep sleep that so many have fallen into.
  • We must raise and equip teens to honor God with their lives and their decisions.
  • We will raise an army of the lost, the forgotten, the weak, the   broken, the hopeless and the unclaimed.
  • We will teach the absolute Truth of God’s Word.
  • We will be purposeful and intentional with each opportunity.
  • We will love unconditionally.
  • Grace, mercy and honor will characterize this youth ministry.
  • We will lead by example.
  • We will pursue God with an abandonment.
  • We will hunger and thirst for righteousness.
  • We will challenge teens to be moral and spiritual leaders.
  • We will not give up or give in.
  • TRUTH will reign.
  • Obedience will prevail.
  • We will give our all for the Mission of God.

Sunday School: High School and Middle School Classes  

At the 11:00 service (and at the 10:00 summer service), Jr. High youth are present for worship in song, then are typically dismissed for their own group study and discussions and then they return for communion with their families. Sr. High youth alternate Sundays: one week in the service for the message, and the next week for thier own group study.  The High School class is located across from the Main entrance doors and the Middle School dismiss to the room at the back of the sanctuary.   (High School and Middle School Youth stay in service during the 8:45am service.)

Middle School Mania

Sara Johnson leads our Middle School Mania, which takes over the church building every 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoon from 4:00pm – 5:30pm.  Crazy middle school fun.  We share a Life lesson from God’s Word, and dinner, too. For anyone currently in  6th – 8th grade. Bring friends! Parents are welcome to join us!  We lead middle schoolers in fun and fellowship, and teach them to live radical lives for Jesus Christ.  No two nights are the same!   Email Sara at sara@holyspiritleesburg.org, or call her for more information: 703-307-0969.              

Core: High School Group

High School meets here in our building on Sunday evenings during the school year. We meet many Sunday evenings from 6:00 – 8:00pm. The evening includes dinner, sung worship, teaching, and small group discussion. 


DSC00175Confirmation marks the point in your Christian journey at which you declare for yourself and those around you, your desire to live life under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, through the direction of the Holy Spirit.   You’re not a Christian because you were raised as one, but because you actually follow Jesus Christ and speak about him publically. This affirmation is confirmed through prayer and the laying on of hands by our Bishop, John Guernsey. The Bishop asks God to give you power through the Holy Spirit to enable you to live in the way of Jesus.  High School students are eligible for Confirmation.  Classes run from January through June. 

Together we’ll study Scriptural topics such as: Knowing you’re saved; Putting Christ first; Prayer; and Hearing the voice of God.  We’ll also spend time learning the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostles’ Creed.  We study the book called An Anglican Catechism, (J.I. Packer, ed.) Some practical topics we will focus on are Leadership and Servanthood.

I do want to encourage you that it won’t be just classroom work.  We’ll be going offsite on a retreat, do a service project, and some events for fun to connect us as a group.  The good news is YOU will get input toward what we do!

Our goal is to make the confirmation experience one you look back on with awesome memories.  We’re looking forward to helping you discover who you are as a son/daughter of God and seeing you continue the process of being launched into your God-given purpose on this earth.

Reach Workcamp

IMG_0528Many summers, our youth participate in Reach Workcamp.  This is a fun outreach that includes many types of home improvement activities.  We join forces with many other churches around the country showing Christ’s love for those in need.  There is wonderful fellowship, worship and rewarding work.  All are invited to share Christ’s love in this outreach.  We will raise funds to support the cost of the trip.  This is for middle school and high school youth.  Contact Sara Johnson at sara@holyspiritleesburg.org, or call her for more information: 703-307-0969. Also visit www.reachwc.org