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When Jesus told his early followers to “Go” to the uttermost parts of the earth, they went. (Matthew 28:19) They left their homes and families and moved to different cultures where people had not yet heard the good news.  As they shared, they planted churches in their new homes with those who also wanted to follow Jesus.  That is why the Church is the largest organization on the face of the earth today – Christians have never stopped telling others about Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are still “going” today.  We encourage people to pray about how they might be a part of God’s great mission to win the world for Himself.  This can include praying for missionaries, supporting them financially, going on short-term missions, or long-term mission work.

We list below some of the global missions that our people currently do.  

Please click on the links to find out more about each ministry. 
Forget-Me-Not  FMN is a ministry to missionaries – to come alongside, heal, and love them, so that they may be more fruitful for the Kingdom. Tanie and Jacqueline Guy tanie@forgetmenotministries.org
Haiti Missions   We partner with Pastor Pierre and La Croix Ministries and take a team every Spring to Haiti to minister food aid, healing and gospel ministry to rural Haitians. – John Nuzum jdnuzum@hotmail.com
Persecuted Church   We need a leader!
Worship Equippers for Christ  Pilgrimages to Israel, annually in the winter. – Dean Schultz dean@holyspiritleesburg.org
Uganda Missions Bishop Balya College in Fort Portal, Diocese of Rewenzori – Trains ministers of the gospel.  -Clancy Nixon  Clancy@holyspiritleesburg.org
Shade (Shinyanga, Tanzania)– Ministry to children with albinism, who are a persecuted minority in East Africa.  Claire Fedele – claire@shadetz.org