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This is our Mission Statement: “We invite nations and generations to experience God’s love and power.”

Our mission is what we do.  The active verb here is invite.  Life with God progresses through a series of gracious invitations. God the Father invites us through the beauty of Creation and natural revelation. He has also revealed Himself through the Bible, the historic Church, and supremely through His Son, Jesus Christ. As members of his Body, we invite others to share our experience with God.

Whom do we invite? When we say we invite nations, that means we invite all the ethne, or ethnic groups. We invite generations, meaning people of all ages, to join with us in worship.  Really, we invite everyone to join us as we love God and each other.

We continuously invite people to take the next step with God, His church, and His mission. We aim to be multicultural and inter-generational: inviting people from every race and religious background; and inviting all generations, to fellowship and minister together.  We invite people into experiences and encounters with the love and power of God. Teaching sound doctrine is both good and necessary, but it is not enough.  Experiences with God and His people change our perspective. By loving people right where they are, they become open to the supernatural power of God.  When people receive ministry at their point of need, they often experience God’s power and love. Often, it is then that they become open to teaching about who God is.  Teaching also communicates God’s love and power, for God’s Word is alive and active.