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Newsletter – Godsend

We publish a monthly digital Newsletter called the Godsend. We run stories about what is coming up, cool stuff that just happened, testimonies of what God has done, and “think pieces” on a variety of topics.

Please mark events (at the end of the newsletter) on your personal calendars.

Please send articles and feedback to our editors, Robbie Pruitt and Dean Schultz at robbie@holyspiritleesburg.org and dean@holyspiritleesburg.org.

You may access our recent newsletters, with all articles included in them, by clicking below.

2021 Godsend-Spring Summer Edition

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2021 Godsend-March Lenten Edition

2021 Godsend-Epiphany to Lent

2021 January Godsend: The Epihany Edition

Fall 2019 Godsend

Summer 2019 Godsend

Spring 2019 Godsend

Easter 2019 Godsend

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Advent 2018 Godsend

Fall 2018 Godsend

June 2018 Godsend

Lent 2018 Godsend

You can read articles that Pastor Clancy has written which have appeared in the Godsend by reading our blog.

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