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Offertory Music Welcomed

We invite you to share your creative musical gifts! Please let us know if you have a song you would like to perform for the Offertory during our Sunday morning services. The offertory is a time where we make room for musicians to share a song for the encouragement of the body.

We encourage you to share your creative gifts in the form of a song, either sung or instrumental. This may be in the form of a solo, a duo or a trio. Dance or other visual art offertories are also encouraged. The Offertory is typically 3-4 minutes in length. We want the offertory to be a time where the creative arts are expressed and shared through the members of our fellowship so that all God’s people may be enriched and blessed.

If this is something you would like to do, please click on and fill out the form below and submit your idea. The Minister of Music will contact you about scheduling an audition so that you may present your idea. Once you have followed these steps you will be contacted and we will talk about getting you on the schedule!

Sign up to present a Musical Offering!

  • Tell us what song (title) you'd like to present, who is singing or playing what insturment, whether you need accompanyment, and when you'd like to offer it.