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The Bible offers many examples of mentoring relationships, like Moses and Joshua, Paul and Timothy, and Naomi and Ruth. We encourage everyone to find someone younger in the church to befriend, and to help guide in faith and life. Having someone who has been there before is an enormous help to us as we navigate life changes.

Men mentor men, and women mentor women.  Married couples mentor other married couples.  Some people of similar life stage age meet for mutual accountability, and some in Life Transformation Groups of 2 or 3.  We have many of these relationships ongoing in our body, and they provide an enormous amount of support to those who take the time to develop them.

Some of these relationships are quite informal in origin, and some have been facilitated by the church.    Men and couples, if you are interested in a mentoring or accountability relationship, and don’t know where to start, email our Rector, Clancy Nixon at clancy@holyspiritleesburg.org.   Women, please contact Ginger Nixon at ginger.nixon16@gmail.com.