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Meals for Homeless

A big part of CHS’ Loving Leesburg initiative has been the preparing and serving of meals at the Leesburg Homeless Center.  We need volunteers to prepare and serve meals one Sunday per month at the Leesburg Homeless Center. 

From Linda Wenkel, the volunteer who started the ministry – “The residents have told me that they like that we sit with them and talk with them. They also were very appreciative when we served Easter dinner and I’d brought Easter tablecloths, centerpieces, pastel plates, cups & napkins, and even had Easter eggs and candy for the kids. They liked it so much they wanted to leave the decorations for the entire week. They said it felt like a home instead of a shelter.

We’d like Small Groups to take a month to prepare a meal, stay, and serve it. We are there about 5:30PM to get ready and dinner is served promptly at 6:00pm. Two people are enough to serve and one or two to keep dishes washed and clean the kitchen. The residents are responsible for cleaning all the tables and floors.

Each team (of 4-5 adults or older teens) is responsible for preparing a simple meal for 40 (about half are kids) consisting of a main dish, salad (required), and dessert (often there are already desserts at the Center). Meal items should be brought in disposable containers if possible (crock pots are ok). Serving utensils, all plates, dinnerware, etc., are on-site and provided by the shelter. Drinks are usually there, too, but you can bring gallon jugs of iced tea or juice to accompany the meal.

They’ve told me they get mostly pasta dishes and are happy when we bring something different. (I made a huge beef brisket and a smoked ham for Easter with homemade au gratin potatoes.)

They require a salad at every dinner (someone who doesn’t cook could bring that.) I cut up tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc into separate bowls and have a salad bar when I’m in charge of salad. They have drinks and usually dessert already on hand at the shelter.

We are out of there by 7:00pm, so it’s not a lot of time to give.

The groups could get together at someone’s house, or even at CHS’s kitchen, and cook a main course together. It’s a wonderful opportunity to fulfill God’s will of taking care of the poor. They appreciate it so much and it really makes you feel good to help them.”

If you have any questions, would like to get sign up for the meal, contact Tara Park at taralynnpark@gmail.com, or (703) 723-0812.