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Maskmaker, Maskmaker

Maskmaker, Maskmaker – make me a mask and a match!

Join us in Loudoun County in matching the needs of non-sewers for personal protection (cloth masks) and the free time of sewers eager to help contain the coronavirus.  CDC now advises wearing masks when you go out, in order to protect others – the benefit to you is real, but less.  Wearing a mask is an act of kindness and service.

  • Would you like to have a mask to care for someone at home or for when you must go out in public?  Contact us at Patricia@holyspiritleesburg.org.  We’ll assign your request to someone who lives near you and determine count and size (man, women/teen, child or small child), and plan pick up in Leesburg at our church building, or delivery. 
  • Are you or a family member currently ill with Covid-19?  We have specific materials, filter pocket design and a nose wire option to help achieve a more effective home-made mask.  (These are less comfortable and more difficult to breathe with, and more time consuming to make, so we offer these specifically when there is illness present.)
  • Do you have excess material, ¼ inch elastic, that you can donate for making masks? New or nearly new cotton weave (duck cloth or denim are ideal), felt, quilt batting, ¼ in woven or smaller round elastic are optimal fabrics and materials needed.
  • Do you have a sewing machine, skills and time to make masks for others?   There are plenty of mask patterns on the internet.  Here is the best one we found that sized well.  Warning:  ignore ads implying you need to download an app or program to view, print or download the pattern, you do not!
  • If you are interested in any of this, contact us at Patricia@holyspiritleesburg.org.

We’re a ministry of Church of the Holy Spirit in Leesburg, and we desire to help absolutely all our neighbors receive masks.  All are welcome to join in this project!  God loves everyone, and so do we. The vestibule of our church building, at 908 Trailview Blvd, Suite 200, Leesburg, VA is a drop off and pick up site for masks.  Our mission field is Loudoun County, Virginia, in the Washington DC area.  If you live elsewhere, we encourage you to start your own mask making ministry. Contact us if you’d like more info. 

More advice and instructions on sewing masks:

Materials to use:  You may provide your own, or we can provide the materials.  Fabric should be new (best) or lightly used cotton.  Different colors or patterns are helpful to distinguish between the outer mask and the liner, which touches the face.  Masks can be made with up to four layers of fabric.  Denim or duck fabric is very good for the protective masks. 

Wash lining and outer fabric in hot water with regular laundry soap before making the mask to avoid uneven shrinking when washed.

Filters:  Some mask patters include a pocket where one can insert a filtering material of some type.  Filter options include quilt batting, felt, coffee filters or even HVAC filters (though many of these supplies are sold out).

Ties/fasteners  The ties can be  ¼ in or 1/8 in elastic, to loop around the ears.  Covered rubber bands and (new) shoelaces can work too. 

Last resort is to make your own ties, like this  Cut a 48-inch strip of fabric (1 ½’ wide). Fold and press ¼ in on both sides and fold and press again, so there is no exposed cut edge.  Stich and cut into 12- inch lengths.   If necessary, where the patterns show elastic or shoelace, sew the home sewn ties in place instead.

Nose Wire:  bendable wire, such as pipe cleaners, twist ties, any wire that is bendable, even paperclips. 

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before starting to sew.  Store finished masks in Ziplock bags for distribution.  Slip a note inside identifying the size.  

For more information, contact our Maskmaker, Maskmaker coordinator, Patricia Phillips, at patricia@HolySpiritLeesburg.org.