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HOSPITALITY – hiring 3/19

Hospitality is an important value for us at Holy Spirit. While this value is expressed in a variety of ways, from the very beginning of our church, we have had a Hospitality Ministry that provides food services in a reception after each of our worship services. The food and drink facilitates fellowship, friendship, and getting to know one another better.  Bishop Martyn Minns, visiting us years ago, said he thought we had the best coffee hour in the Diocese!  Our Hospitality Ministry is currently led by Monica Whitmer.  To reach her, email her at monica@holyspiritleesburg.org.

Hospitality Coordinator Job Description

Hours: Part-Time – 8 hours per week.

Pay: Depending upon experience and skills: $15-17 per hour

Reports to: Office Manager

Vacation: 3 weekends per year paid.

Send Resumes and references to: Bart@HolySpiritLeesburg.org


Overview: We are seeking a part time Hospitality Coordinator to begin immediately. The Hospitality Coordinator leads the Hospitality team and coordinates all hospitality volunteers for services in the church, in 2 Eucharistic services – 9AM and 11AM.  The Hospitality Team provides food and drink for receptions immediately following worship services and at special events as needed, and organizes clean up afterwards.

Hospitality Coordinator organizes the hospitality roster for Sunday services. Keeps in contact with all volunteers, does shopping for Sunday services and helps with special events.

More detailed job description is available on request.

If you are interested in applying and/or would like more information about this position, call the church office at 703-726-0777, and you will receive a call back. Please also email your resume and references to: bart@holyspiritleesburg.org, or fax to 703-726-0555.