Hiring 2/19 – Proclaim Operator

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Proclaim Operator Job Description

Hours: Part-Time – 5 hours per week; Sundays – 2 services 7:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Pay: $15 per hour

Reports to: Audio Visual Manager

Vacation: 3 weekends per year paid.

Send Resumes to: Bart@HolySpiritLeesburg.org


Supporting the audio/visual needs of the people involved with church services. Operating Proclaim presentation software, adding video clips as requested, correcting errors on the fly.  Ultimately, glorifying God through providing excellent visual services.

Qualifications & Skills Required:

  1. A positive, supportive attitude and a teachable spirit.
  2. Able to work in a team setting and take direction under pressure.
  3. Ability to think quickly and react/trouble-shoot properly in high stress situations.
  4. Reliable worker who shows up on time, every time.
  5. Proactive troubleshooter who sees problems coming and creates or suggests solutions.




  1. Arrive 7:45 AM. Ensure computer is working and script is up. Ensure all 3 projector screens are on and working.
  2. Check email to find pastor’s sermon notes. Create slides for highlighted portions of pastor’s manuscript.
  3. Check script for errors. Questions are resolved by speaking to the pastor in charge.


During Sunday Services

  1. Be responsible to move slides during worship service in a timely fashion. Advance slides to anticipate congregation’s visual needs for flow in service. During songs, attend to verse, chorus, and bridges so you enable the congregation to keep up with Music Minister.
  2. Responsible to change obvious errors in script and make adjustments on the fly. If unable to do so during the first service, do it prior to the second service.
  3. Responsible for providing a distraction-free service as it relates to visual production.


  1. Note any broken/faulty equipment and communicate this to the A/V Manager.
  2. Communicate with the Audio/Visual Manager to assess if issues existed during service. When in doubt, check with the Rector.


Recruit and train volunteers for the Proclaim Operator ministry.