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Equipping the saints for carrying out the Great Commission

Basic Healing Prayer Training

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Church of the Holy Spirit, Leesburg teaches a 2 year Biblical healing course in 5 training modules where we learn the basics of how to pray for physical healing, inner healing, and deliverance, and how to connect with God conversationally.

Sessions are being held on Wednesday evenings at 6:45 – 9:15 in the Multipurpose Room at the church. Pastor Clancy Nixon and Ginger Nixon facilitate these meetings, along with members of their healing prayer team. Each week we have a video or audio teaching, discussion, and either large group  or small group practicum praying for each other in a safe setting.

This course is being offered to equip any Christian to confidently pray for the sick and see people healed. You will learn about your authority to heal the sick, cast out demons and prayer models for each type of healing. You will have the opportunity to practice what you learn, and receive healing yourself as class members minister to each other. The course is not graded nor is anyone expected to become a member of a prayer team.

Note: Membership on our prayer team is determined by the policies and leadership of our church. Other churches and ministries may have different policies. 

There is no fee for the course. Each module includes a manual which costs $5-$30 depending on the module and will be available for purchase at the class. Additional resource books may be recommended for more in depth study, but are not required.

There is an excellent lineup of video and audio teachings from leaders in their fields. You may participate in any module. There are no prerequisites. However, we highly recommend taking Module 1 – Physical Healing if you are new to healing prayer.

Childcare is available upon request via the registration form or calling the church @ 703-726-0777.

Questions??: Contact Monica

Year 1

Module 1: Physical Healing
Dates: 9/12/2017 – 1/23/2018

Module 2: 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice
Dates: 1/30/2018 – 4/24/2018

Module 3: Interacting with Jesus – Growing in Spiritual, Emotional and Relational Maturity
Dates: 5/1/2018 – 6/26/2018

Year 2

Module 4: Inner Healing
Dates: 9/11/2018 – 3/12/2019

Module 5: Deliverance
Dates: 4/2/2019 – 7/31/2019
Manual: $15
Breaking Free: audio teaching by Tom Hauser, senior pastor of Global River Church in Wilmington, NC and former director of the deliverance tents for Global Awakening’s international mission trips for many years. Training intended to equip the Body of Christ for the ministry of healing through deliverance. Learn a Biblically sound and theologically orthodox method of prayer ministry to identify lies or misconceptions that an individual believes and to engage and remove specific spirits that have a form of manipulation, influence or control in an area of a person’s life.

Advanced Prayer Ministry Training Resources

The prayer ministers on our team have received training, and in some cases certification, from several excellent ministries. We have listed those ministries here as sources for you to obtain more advanced training in healing prayer ministry. This list is by no means the only other sources for training but are merely the ones that we utilize most often in our ministry.

Christian Healing Institute


The Christian Healing Institute (CHI) has been formed to increase the knowledge and practice of Christian healing ministry and intercessory prayer. They offer a variety of healing and prayer training and equipping events and resources. They also publish a twice-monthly newsletter on healing and prayer events in Northern Virginia and in the broader region. CHI is based in Falls Church, VA.

Healing Center International


HCI facilitates development of healthy, maturing communities where people can experientially encounter God. HCI offers classes, groups and resources; leadership development and mentoring; as well as an annual conference to connect and sustain healthy, caring communities. Most of their offerings center around the teaching and ministry of Life Model Works (Joy Starts Here, Thrive) and Connexus (Restarting, Forming, Belonging). HCI is based in Reston, VA.

Christian Healing Ministries


Christian Healing Ministries is a Christ-centered, ecumenical, and non-profit organization that is dedicated to the practice and teaching of healing prayer. Founded by Francis and Judith McNutt, CHM offers healing prayer, live healing prayer training, video training classes, and various books and other resources related to healing prayer. CHM is based in Jacksonville, FL.

Christian Healing Certification Program


Developed by the Global Awakening ministry, the Christian Healing Certification Program (CHCP) is an online ministry training program with an emphasis on offering an educational experience often overlooked in traditional seminaries. CHCP presents a practical, theologically grounded option for anyone looking to expand their ministry training.

CHCP embraces a holistic approach, providing a hands-on experience for anyone with an interest in Physical Healing, Inner Healing or Deliverance. This online program allows students to take as many or as few courses as needed to suit their schedule and their ministry needs. Global Awakening and CHCP is based in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Restoring the Foundations


Restoring the Foundations is an integrated healing model that is based on 4 foundational truths (Cross of Christ, Forgiveness, God’s Loving Design and Four Unchanging Laws)  and 4 basic sources of problems (Generational Sins and Curses, Ungodly Beliefs, Life’s hurts, and Demonic Oppression). The ministry provides healing ministry for individuals as well as training for prayer ministers. RTF is based in Henderson, NC.

HeartSync Ministries


HeartSync Ministry focuses on the primary mission statement of Christ to heal the brokenhearted (Luke 4:17-18a), whereby Christ gives us singleness of heart and action (Jer.32:39) to the end that we are then able to love the Lord our God with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our mind. (Matt. 22:37) HeartSync Ministry does this by intentionally synchronizing the most core parts of our heart to the Lord in a short period of time.

The ministry offers healing sessions for individuals as well as training and mentoring for healing prayer ministers. Courses are periodically offered locally through the Christian Healing Institute (christianhealinginstitute.org).