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God has given us a vibrant, deep, and lasting tie with LaCriox Mission in northern Haiti. LaCriox was born as a vision in the heart of Pastor Vaugelas Pierre, a Haiti native who had left the impoverished island, but God called him to return to minister to the poorest of the poor there. He did, in 1975, beginning with educating children. Today, LaCroix school has over 3500 students, seven churches have been planted, children are sponsored, lives are changed, and much more has been done.

Pastor John Nuzum has partnered with Pastor Pierre for many, many years, and helped him to connect with American churches to support what God is doing there.  John also leads a short-term mission trip there every spring with people from CHS and other churches. To learn more, please contact John at 571-577-5765, or john@holyspiritleesburg.org.

Haiti is the most impoverished nation in the Western Hemisphere. Very few of the population are literate, most are unemployed, and many are starving even now, years after the devastating earthquake.

LaCriox Mission is Church of the Holy Spirit’s overseas mission focus. We want to do all we can to encourage our people to become involved with this worthy ministry.