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We provide opportunities and encouragement for you to give God glory in every part of your life.  That is what disciples of Christ get to do: We glorify God and enjoy him forever!  The way we do this is our three part STRATEGY:

Connect, Grow, Go!      

Welcome to our initial Go! page. 

What does it mean to Go? Going means to de-emphasize our own personal concerns for affluence and personal peace, and to go and serve others with God’s love and power, both locally and globally.  We are called to be the light of the world in our homes, neighborhoods, church, workplaces, and to the ends of the earth.  So to Go! is to be on mission wherever we are.  We flip the “mission switch” to the on position on a daily basis, so we see ourselves as continually on mission for God, wherever we are. Going includes serving in and through the local church.  To Go! especially reminds us to serve those far from God, and outside the church, both locally and globally.

For more on our three-part Strategy, see our Connect and Grow pages.

We ask everyone to be involved in one ministry that serves those at CHS, and one ministry that serves those outside of CHS. Get in the game!

You are encouraged to contact directly those who lead the ministries listed at the red Ministries Directory link below. To inquire about additional ministry opportunities or suggest a new one, please email Clancy Nixon or call the church office at 703-726-0777.

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