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Families Together at CHS

We are intentionally a multi-generational church.  This is not only a strategy, it is a commitment to raise up all the generations together to become all that God created us to be.  We believe that those who are older are called to help lead those younger to the next stage of life with God.  We all need mothers and fathers in God, and we also become that for those in our care.  We worship together every week in praise and at Holy Communion, and each generation finds a place to serve in worship.

Children’s Ministry at CHS

At Church of the Holy Spirit, we support parents’ efforts to teach their children to follow the Lord.  We offer a safe and fun environment where children can grow in Jesus Christ. Children age three and above join their families for worship in the sanctuary at the beginning of the service.  They sing with the entire church body and hear testimonies of how God is working in His church.  After a blessing, the children are released to Sunday School, which focuses on Bible lessons. At the end of Sunday School, the children return to the service to celebrate Holy Communion with their families.
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Youth Ministry at CHS

We are a vibrant, growing youth ministry that purposely sets youth on a course to collide with their creator, the LIVING GOD. It is our desire that this generation would awaken from the cultural deep sleep that so many have fallen into.  We raise up and equip teens to honor God with their lives and their decisions.
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 Men’s Ministry at CHS

We believe that each Christian man needs the company of other men to become the man God desires him to be.  Only a man can teach a man or boy how to be a man, a husband, or father.  We gather together in small groups, in accountability, prayer, and mentoring relationships, at retreats, and in a monthly breakfast. We also serve on an ad hoc basis to help people in need.
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Women’s Ministry at CHS

We support each other in many ways to become the women God has dreamed for us to be!  Through small groups, prayer groups, Bible studies, retreats, teas and fellowship events, as well as mentoring, accountability and prayer relationships, we are growing closer to God and to each other.
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