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We provide opportunities and encouragement for you to give God glory in every part of your life.  That is what disciples of Christ get to do: We glorify God and enjoy him forever!  The way we do this is our three part STRATEGY: Connect, Grow, Go!

What does it mean to Connect? – Connecting is all about relationships.  We connect both with God, and with each other.  God loves us and wants us to know His love for us.  You can belong with us before you believe!  In weekend worship, we enjoy connecting with God corporately, and encountering His presence through praise, Bible teaching, prayer, and Holy Communion. You can connect through attending an event.  We connect with God individually through our personal prayer, Bible study, and abiding in Christ, as well. We also connect with each other through close relationships, including Small Groups and mentoring relationships.  Some other ways to connect are in Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Youth MinistryChildren’s Ministry, and through Pastoral Care. If you are looking to find where we are located, or speak to a live person, click here.  Or connect with us on our Facebook page. You can read current news, reports about our church, including testimonies and thinkpieces, in our newsletter.

For more on our STRATEGY, see our Grow and Go! pages. 

Pastor Clancy’s heart

Why did Clancy start Church of the Holy Spirit?  “I have a heart for secular people, because I was one for so long. God’s love changed me.  In the Lord Jesus, I found the fulfillment of my heart’s longing.  Through the Holy Spirit and the Church, I found healing, true friends, and supernatural power for living.  I also have a heart for discipling believers, patiently demonstrating to them how to become more like Christ through close relationships for many years.  I long to see many churches planted through our ministry, and revival come to our region!”

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The Staff of the Church are here to serve you!   God has built an awesome team. For a listing, click the button. Our Staff


The Vestry is intended to function like biblical Deacons in the local church (Acts 6:1-7; 1 Timothy 3:8-13). Under the Constitution of our denomination, and our Bylaws, the Vestry is our board of directors, and has oversight of the temporal matters of Church of the Holy Spirit, while the Rector has oversight of spiritual matters. Vestry are lay people who are elected by members.  The budget is owned by the Vestry. The Rector and Vestry work together to oversee our church.  Our Pastors meet separately to share counsel and life together.

Our Vestry

Vision, Mission and Values –  in summary

Our Vision:  We see God creating an Acts 2 Church: a vital Christian community, where we live the life of the early church.  So we “devote ourselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles…”  For more, click here.

Our Mission: “We invite nations and generations to experience God’s Love and Power.”  This is what we do.  For an explanation, click here.

Our Values:  Who we are can be explained by what is important to us. This includes things like loving God and loving people, respect, and laughter.   For more, click here.

We Believe

We affirm the Nicene Creed and Apostles Creed as excellent and universal statements of the Christian faith.  Our Rector’s statement below is a commentary on the Creeds from a charismatic evangelical perspective.

We Believe

Membership and belonging 

All are welcome at Church of the Holy Spirit.  You and your family are welcome to worship with us, to come to our classes and small group meetings, and to share life together. As a community of Jesus, we believe God’s welcome means you can belong before you believe. You need not identify as an Anglican or as a believer to be one of us.  We are one congregation of the church in Loudoun County, and in the worldwide body of Christ.  We do have Membership Responsibilities for voting members.



We are Christians first.  Our primary allegiance is to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to His mission in the world.  We are charismatic evangelicals second; our theological commitments are very important to us.  We are Anglicans third; it is our network and close church family.  We delight in our Anglican heritage, and our denominational and other connections.


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Find answers to common questions about our heritage.


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