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Hiring 2/19: part-time Church Administrator

Church of the Holy Spirit Business Administrator
Job Description

This position exists to provides oversight of the administrative and financial functions, and the facilities, of Church of the Holy Spirit, Leesburg, Virginia, a Spirit-filled Anglican Church (www.HolySpiritLeesburg.org). This position is supervised by the Senior Pastor (Rector). This is a part-time, 20-25 hour per week position. Annual pay is negotiable depending on skills and experience, with a pay range of $25-35 per hour. If interested, send your resume and a letter describing your skills and experience and why you are interested in this job, to Bart Murnion at Bart@HolySpiritLeesburg.org
Must be a Born-Again Christian with excellent character references.
Must fully support the mission, vision and ministry philosophy of the Church of the Holy Spirit.
Spiritual gifts of administration and helps required, and the gift of leadership is very helpful.
Must be able to write and orally communicate clearly and concisely, with wisdom and grace.
Must be a mature, well-seasoned Christian with excellent problem-solving skills.
Must work efficiently and in a focused manner to manage all business matters of the church.
Must be able to work proficiently on a variety of computer programs, including QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, Publisher, Word, etc.
A bachelor’s degree in business management or accounting is preferred.
3-5 years’ experience required in business management, accounting or related field

Duties and Responsibilities
Monitor weekly income and expenses for all accounts
Oversee the CHS bookkeeper position and other admin support (CCB/office volunteers)

(The bookkeeper ensures appropriate and accurate accounting records are maintained including – accounts payable and receivable; payroll; general ledger; monthly income statement; monthly balance sheet, P&L, and cash flow statements as requested; bank accounts; investment and tax reporting; individual contribution records; membership statistics; reconciling credit card and checkbook activity. The bookkeeper interacts with ministry leaders on budgets and purchasing. The administrator supervises and oversees the bookkeeper.)

Review End of Month reports for all funds and accounts.
Review and prepare all End of Year reports and ensure accuracy.
Present a monthly financial report to the management committee and vestry.
Prepare initial annual budget proposal in the month of August.
Administer payroll via the PayChex Flex payroll system.
Analyze yearly tithing and attendance.
Analyze all financial proposals.
Stay abreast of current legal and IRS regulations affecting churches.
Coordinate Benevolence Ministry with the Benevolence Committee.
Church Van – create and maintain a system for tracking van use by ministries.
Coordinate and monitor purchasing of equipment, furniture, supplies and other items.
Recruit, screen and recommend candidates for support staff positions.
Maintain accurate, up-to-date personnel files.
Chair monthly Management Committee meetings.


Provide support and assistance for ministry leaders
Analyze various program proposals against budget and church mission/vision
Supervise Administrative staff.
Act as liaison for any outside group using the building; oversee building use procedures.
Connect with other local Church Administrators to share information.


Work with our IT contractor who acts as our Network Administrator
Interact closely with our IT contractor to troubleshoot software and hardware problems.
Research and purchase all software and hardware needs as recommended by our IT contractor.


Supervise the Facilities Administrator to ensure our facility is maintained in a professional manner.
Ensure that the facility and grounds are properly maintained, including HVAC.
Plan and coordinate with the Junior Warden, non-minor repairs or special projects of the facility or grounds.
Plan for long term space needs and expansion


Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Rector from time to time.