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We are Christians first.  Our primary allegiance is to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Second, we are charismatic evangelicals.  Our theological commitments are very important to us – see the “Vision, Mission, Values” page for more on that. Third, we are Anglicans; it is our spiritual covering, network, and close church family.  We delight in our Anglican heritage. For more on Anglicanism, and how the different layers of our identity interact, click here.

Church of the Holy Spirit is a congregation with historic ties to the Anglican Communion, with over 80 million members worldwide.  We are a congregation in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA), and Foley Beach is our Archbishop. The vision of the ACNA is to be converted individuals, in multiplying congregations, fueled by the Holy Spirit, transforming our world.  Our denomination is part of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, a group of Anglican national church bodies led by the provinces of the Global South, professing orthodox faith and practice.

We are a part of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic, a group of about 40 congregations and missions in Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Delaware, West Virginia, and North Carolina.   Our Diocesan Bishop is John Guernsey, who was the past Rector of All Saints, Woodbridge, Virginia.  Our Diocese is also planting many churches presently, which you can learn about at our L10-2 website.

We are a daughter church of historic Truro Anglican Church in Fairfax City.

Church of the Holy Spirit is also a member church of the American Anglican Council, which seeks to uphold biblical and orthodox standards in Anglican and Episcopal Churches.

We work with several groups locally from different churches who work together on gospel priorities.  We support the work of the Loudoun Burn, which organizes inter-church worship events, prayer meetings and opportunities. We pray with intercessors from many different churches.  We work with Intercessors for America to pray for our nation and our county.    Both groups are praying for transforming revival to come to Leesburg and Loudoun, that we would be more famous for God than for Dulles Airport or the Redskins.

Our Rector is also a member of the Loudoun Pastors’ Consortium, which meets monthly.  Together pastors pray for our metropolitan area and work in areas like sex trafficking prevention. We also participate with and support the Washington Prayer Gathering, which unites churches and people from across our metro area to pray for revival and bless our city with good works.