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Ascension Church Plant

Encountering God. Embodying Christ. Equipping Believers. Engaging Culture. 


Our meetings are Sunday nights at 5 PM, Tuesday evening prayer at 6;30 PM, and Thursday evening spiritual formation at 7 PM. The address is 71 Edmond Rd, Suit 2, Kearneysville, WV 25430. At the tip of the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, this is one of the fastest growing regions in the greater Washington D.C. metro area.  People are migrating out of crowded city spaces to developing historic settings in countryside, small towns and small cities. While the area is not as rural as it used to be, it retains manyfitzwater-family-picture of those traditional qualities as it increasingly becomes more reflective of the metro area. With the demographic changes over the two decades, a need exists for strong, Spirit-filled churches intentionally engaging these merging historic Appalachia and Baltimore/Washington D.C. metro areas. Our demographic is largely composed of commuters whose lives are tuned to the hustle and bustle of their careers for the sake of enjoying their limited down time in a more relaxed and scenic setting. Darryl and Becki Fitzwater began senior pastoral ministry in 2003. Since then they have served pastorally in a variety of contexts. Contact Darryl at Darryl@HolySpiritLeesburg.org.

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The mission for our new church is to encounter God through the Spirit, embody the life of Christ in sacramental community, equip the Church in Scriptural authority, and engage the world around us in compassionate evangelism.

Vision for Church of the Ascension: 

Over the next 5 years we envision our new church coming together to reach our to the commuters around us.

  • We envision our church becoming self-sustaining and self-replicating as a regional hub for evangelism, mission, and church planting. This is a prophetic community engaging our region with apostolic zeal for transformation living out of dynamic anointing.
  • We envision gathering weekly for sacramental worship in the Spirit’s power as the Scriptures are preached and taught. This is a central time for spiritual formation.
  • We envision small groups and missional communities scattered across the eastern panhandle area lifting the prayers as they join in life together. Some of these communities eventually developing in their own places as spots to plan future church plants.
  • We envision a family oriented covenanted community that lovingly engages in hospitable evangelism, purposeful catechesis and active spiritual expressions.
  • We envision relational, hospitable evangelistic outreach that also includes ministry to our local colleges and universities. We envision living into the “already” of God’s kingdom in love, mercy, grace, and Holy Spirit power while eagerly waiting for Jesus’ return again.

Core Values

(1) The authority of the Bible as God’s written, infallible, inerrant Word.
(2) Jesus is the perfect revelation of God in flesh; He is Lord and Christ, the only way to the Father and eternal life.
(3) Each person is called to repent and believe the good news about Jesus Christ; to be born-again by the Spirit of God.
(4) Christ desires to baptize, fill, empower, and comfort all believers and congregations with His Holy Spirit.
(5) Spiritual formation in the image of Jesus is the high-calling of each believer in covenanted community.
(6) The sacramental realities of the historic church are anchors in our covenanted church life, worship, and discipline.

We encourage a Church culture that honors Sabbath rest, Jubilee restoration, dynamic Anointing, and Covenant community.